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Organic Farming implemented by Ramky Foundation at Swayambhu varam, Vizag

అవని మనసెరిగి.. అదును చూసి సాగు చేస్తే సిరుల పంట పండించ వచ్చని అవగాహన కలిగించారు.
రైతుల భాగస్వామ్యంతో అంపశయ్యపై ఉన్న సేద్యానికి, సేంద్రియ విధానంతో ఎలా ఊపిరి పోస్తున్నారో చూడండి .

Tribal Development Funding project implemented by Ramky Foundation with the financial help of NABARD at Koyyuru

తూరుపు కనుమల్లో వెయ్యి ఎకరాల్లో లక్షన్నర పండ్ల మొక్కలు .
ఆదివాసీలు సాధించిన అరుదైన విజయం

Tribal Development Funding project implemented by Ramky Foundation at West Bengal

Ramky Foundation is implementing Tribal Development Funding Project at keshiary block of west Midnapur district, West Bengal with the support of NABARD and Re Sustainability(ReSL).

West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation project(WDAMI)

WDAMI Project is implemented by Ramky Foundation at 6 districts of West Bengal. It shows the glimpses of project and its success. It succeeded not only providing in minor irrigation but also adapting modern scientific technologies for Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries activities.

Ramky Foundation facilitated a Maga Event i.e awareness program on “Avoid single use plastic and Save the Vizag City”

Distribution of Chairs and Racks @Shimogha

Ramky Foundation organized community free health camp for WBWML site. 3 specialist doctors conducted the programme, followed by medicine distribution. 481 beneficiaries received support from this programme

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