Natural Resource Management

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Ramky Foundation shares the Ramky Group’s motto – Towards Sustainable Growth.

Over the years we have come to understand that sustainable growth is possible through safeguarding and optimizing natural resources. The Ramky Group adheres passionately to its core belief – that its contribution should be a model to society at large and that it should make the nation proud.
Since inception the Ramky Group has been performing fairly well in this aspect with a string of firsts like India’s first integrated hazardous waste facility, India’s first bio-medical waste facility and also India’s first integrated municipal solid waste facility.
Ramky Foundation, as a development wing of the corporate, has understood natural resource management in a much broader perspective. It defines Natural Resource Management as, the management of resources available in nature to bring in effectiveness in the livelihood of people, not solely of the present generation, but also of the future ones. Hence, any intervention in Natural Resource Management will specifically focus on resources, conservation, utilization and sustenance.
Natural resources are vital for all living beings on Earth. Hence, their protection, promotion and optimization are major concerns of this movement. Ramky adopts sustainable and socially responsible solutions with prime focus on people participation in order to conserve natural resources and maintain an environment that leads to sustainable growth. Ramky Foundation does not impose any ready-made solutions on the community, rather it believes in local solutions and capacities to address the issue of Natural Resource Management.
Ramky Foundation as part of Ramky group of companies has been playing a vital role in and around business sites. Ramky Foundation has been taking up sev eral community education activities to sensitize people on the need for integrated hazardous waste management, bio-medical waste management and Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management. Strengthening of people participation in waste management has been considered as a great contribution for Natural Resource Management.
Ramky Foundation programmes now include awareness among community people regarding Municipal Solid Waste Management in rural and urban communities. Watershed development projects, fodder development, plantation, environment promotional activities, livestock health services in rural areas, tribal development through horticulture plantation, celebrating world environment day, etc.